Because of prejudices instilled in me by everyone (especially the Dutch and the English) I’m always convinced that Belgium is pointless.  So I have to try extra hard to find cool Belgian things; and I suppose Godiva WOULD have counted but a few years ago they apparently sold themselves to a Turkish company.  Which is fine by me because Turkey totally has more of a point than Belgium.

Anyway, I’m obviously a chocolate lover, and obviously a vodka lover and Godiva’s chocolate vodka blends the 2 nicely.  Van Gogh’s chocolate flavors are still my favorites of course, but Godiva is a very close second and deliciously smooth.  I’ve always liked their liqueur flavors as well and have long thought Kahlua was rather pointless and a chocolatini is not complete without some sort of Godiva twist.  Unless we’re talking about Van Gogh vodka (which is fine with Godiva in it too) which is so good that I generally only cut it with other Van Gogh flavors.

There HAS to be some way to make money from this deranged passion for vodka….

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