Basilico; an awesome piece of Amsterdam.  Willemsstraat 29A.  When I was 19 I grew tired of living off the bounty of the snackbar at 2am and sorry guys, but Dutch food is just not my bag….yes, you’re full of awesome breads and cheeses and desserts, but I’m a bit lactose intolerant, eat pork once in a blue moon (burnt American bacon ONLY….I will use pancetta or guanciale for flavoring in a sauce but won’t EAT it), and fuck, you people wouldn’t know how to add flavor to food if your lives depended on it ( I know, you probably make an awesome curry or something but I mean DUTCH food itself; the kind that’s not dessert or chocolate based…and how much credit goes to you and how much goes to Belgium for some of the richer culinary delights anyway?-am now waiting to get deported for mentioning Belgium kindly)….digressing as always….

Basilico, a place I now finally know the name and address of, which I share with all of you now.  My ex introduced me to it a decade ago when I was fiending for proper food and dreadfully ill.  I’ve spent about a third of my life in Italy and it was Italian food I was mostly raised on; even owned an “Italian” restaurant in Chicago for about 10 years.  So yeah, I’m a picky snob (I mean Jordino is an AWESOME place to buy chocolates and pastries in Amsterdam but their gelato?  nope, doesn’t fly with me), AND a fat chick, which means you have to trust me about eats and drinks :)  This place has been there for more than 20 years and not only passes muster, but excels….Basilico is a real piece of Italy in Amsterdam, a refuge from the barrage of flavorless/touristy/overdone eateries the city has to offer.  Grab a bite there or take food home and warm it up….in fact, it reminds me much of the place I owned….and they make everything fresh….As an added bonus it’s run by the original owners and I can order in Italian; my Dutch is so retarded sounding you could take me for Belgian :)

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