I was coming down with the black plague but refused to let it ruin my birthday weekend and the 2 day punk show I went to; I was powered by Effen Cucumber.  I was never a big fan of their black cherry (too sweet) and haven’t tried their Dutch raspberry yet, but when I first tasted THIS last summer, I was hooked.  It literally tastes like drinking a cool, fresh, cucumber and like all vodkas I add to my list of favorites, it didn’t make my blood hurt.  Too bad it’s a little on the pricey side, but then, so are many others I enjoy.  I personally like mixing 2 shots of this with pink lemonade and a touch of tonic water or even cherry 7up and adding a slice of lime.  ”Cucumber slumber”, is what my friend Miss VonLivid calls these wonderful things and I only wish she’d been able to join me…..only it’s better she didn’t because I would’ve gotten her sick.

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